We wrote about how to choose carpets, which are the last touch of decoration, but one of the most important parts.

The use of carpet is one of the most basic ways to create a warm environment in our home. In the past, especially hand-woven carpets were used to provide heat insulation by hanging them on the walls. Today, we still provide a sense of warmth in home decorations with the help of carpets. At the same time, it is seen that carpets are still included in wall decorations with different styles.

In choosing a carpet, its harmony with the furniture is very important in order to complete the decoration, and at the same time, you should make choices that are compatible with your style. After choosing the furniture and curtains, it is better to choose the carpet. The purpose of the carpet you will use is also very important. In the room, you can choose carpets that will disappear on the floor, or you can also use patterned carpets that will create the focal point.

Plain carpets are generally preferred for furniture with patterned upholstery fabrics. Since carpets are mostly kept in the background in such decorations to prevent complexity, colors such as beige, earth tones and cream are preferred. The purpose of creating a background for decoration with light-colored carpet models is more prominent in such decorations. At the same time, it is quite successful in making it look bigger since it is an area of ​​light colors. However, in assertive home decorations, you can choose darker colors such as black, red, burgundy, dark blue, dark green and brown. Preferring carpets in yellow tones will add a warm look to the decoration, especially in rooms where sunlight cannot be benefited from or less benefited. In areas where carpets get dirty faster, such as doorways and corridors, dark colors should be considered.

In flat upholstery fabric furniture, patterned carpets are preferred to add more color, create movement and increase visuality. At the same time, figured carpets and three-dimensional carpets are used in areas such as kitchens, children's rooms and hobby rooms. In the use of dark carpets and dark furniture at the same time, it is not preferred much in decoration because of its visual suppression feature. In modern style home decorations and country style / country house style decorations, geometric patterned carpets or solid color carpets are more preferred. In Scandinavian home decorations, it is seen that hand-woven rugs and carpets are generally preferred.

Double-sided carpets, which provide ease of use, are among the most preferred today. You can choose double-sided models, especially for children's room carpets that get dirty quickly. At the same time, the preference of antibacterial carpets in children's and baby rooms is a very important point in terms of health. You should pay attention to the use of non-slip carpets in the corridors and door entrances.


Patchwork carpets seem to be among the 2018 carpet trends by maintaining their position this year as in previous years. There are also hand-carved special design carpets according to the style. These carpets with modern lines and yarn weave bring trendy colors to your home. Today, embossed carpets are also designed in accordance with many styles. By choosing embossed carpets suitable for your style, you can increase the visuality of your living room decorations.

The weaving density of the carpet is also among the factors that determine its quality. The colors of the carpets that do not use root dyes show some blemishes, especially after washing and over time. Yarn quality is also one of the important factors in carpet selection. Carpets produced from the roots of bamboo and beech trees; they have a bright, densely woven and fine appearance. Depending on the decoration of your home, you can also use authentic hand-woven carpets and rugs. In some parts of our country, traditional hand-woven carpets and kilims are still produced. Straw carpets are generally considered as an alternative for those looking for a different style in winter gardens, balconies and kitchens. The vivid and pastel colors of bamboo carpets are among the most preferred ones. Nylon carpets are very difficult to clean. For this reason, when choosing a carpet, wool carpets should be preferred. It is normal to have shedding in the yarns of wool carpets until the first two or three washes.