I wish our carpets never got dirty and could always maintain the cleanliness of the first day… Yes, we would all be very happy if this were the case, we are sure. However, our carpets need to be cleaned periodically. Carpet cleaning is important both in terms of hygiene and in terms of making the carpet look as bright and beautiful as the first day.

We will tell you the answer to the question of how to clean the carpet at home, in the following parts of our article. However, we should warn in advance that we should always stay away from heavy chemicals and cleaning products that will spoil the texture of our carpet.

First of all, we start by sweeping our carpet…

Our carpet should not remain damp because bacteria can reproduce much more easily in humid environments. For this reason, we should definitely wipe our carpet with a clean cloth and then ventilate it if possible. Here you can hang your carpet on the balcony or open the windows to let the air in.

Finally, we are sweeping again.
After making sure that our carpet has taken its moisture and dried, we apply a vacuum cleaner for the last time and remove the dust that may arise when it is brushed, and our carpet is clean. The processes we apply are very simple and practical.

Attention: If your carpet is hand-woven, please consult a professional or give it to a company for cleaning. Hand-woven carpets are cleaned with a special process, so they should not be worn.

Before starting the carpet cleaning at home, we must vacuum it. The hair, crumbs and dust on it should be swept carefully and the wiping process should be started in that way… Especially if you have small children in your home, the carpet can become dusty much faster or crumbs may fall. That's why we take the dust on it first.

We can remove the stains on the carpet with baking soda.

After applying a vacuum cleaner in the carpet cleaning at home, we can move on to cleaning the stains that are difficult to remove. It will be much easier to remove the stains with baking soda. For this, mix baking soda with water to get a pasty consistency. Take a medium soft brush in your hand. The hardness of the brush should be at a level not to disturb the texture of the carpet. After dipping your brush in baking soda, brush it over the stains and press it lightly. After waiting for 10 minutes, you can remove the carbonate on it with clear water.

For General Cleaning of the Carpet…

After removing the stains on our carpet, we can start the general cleaning. Let's mix it by adding some vinegar and a little soapy water to a bucket of water. You can adjust the quantities according to the size of your carpet. Let's soak a cloth that we can easily do the wiping process in water and then squeeze it well and get the water out. Let's start wiping our carpet with a cloth by rubbing it on its surface. After wiping our carpet slightly damp without leaving any wetness, we complete our process.

Apply the Duru Cloth Technique so that it does not remain damp.